Questions To Ask When Hiring A Solar Company

You have finally made the decision to use solar energy and could not be prouder of yourself. However, since you will be paying a significant amount of cash to have solar panels installed in your house or work place, you need to end up being asking the required questions before hiring a company to assist you throughout this shift in process.

In this article, we will provide you with a few questions you should be asking your solar company before proceeding with the offer. With a number of companies within the solar industry, you will have to find an affordable solar company that may provide you with the best. So, get your pen and paper ready and list down a couple of of these questions before proceeding toobtainher with your deal.

(1) How Long Have You EXPERIENCED The Industry?

First and foremost, ask them about their number of years in the withindustry. This might be an indicator as to their level of experience and how reliable they are as a company. Moreover, they should present you with references as well as pictures of these completed jobs previously.

(2) What Are Your Certifications?

The solar company should be certified by the North American Board Of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This is the highest certification a company can receive. To check for the list of companies accredited by the NABCEP, you can check their website.

(3) How Are The Companys Reviews?

As part of your research, make sure to read customer reviews. There are multiple websites in which you can check for reviews. Of course, these reviews should be excellent. You do not want to be dealing with a company that does not put you and your needs first.

(4) Is My Roof Fit For A Solar Array?

When the company assesses your property, they should be able to tell you whether or not your roof has ample exposure to the sunlight, whether or not the roof is in a good condition to hold the solar panels, and whether it is large enough to accommodate the setting.

For them to know whether or not your roof is well-exposed to the sunlight, the company should have access to a particular software that can easily compute whether or not your roof is exposed to a good level of sunlight.

(5) What Is The Warranty You Are Offering?

With the many brands of solar panels and inverters available out there, make sure to ask your installer which brand they are using in your home and its respective standard warranty. If you are getting solar panels, then the company should offer you a warranty of at least years or more. If you choose an inverter, however, then the warranty should not be less than years. In addition to this, the company should provide a warranty of their work of 2 years or more.

(6) Do You Offer A Free Maintenance Service That Is Included In The Purchase Price?

Some companies do not offer a free maintenance service with the purchase price. Hence, make sure to check with your company whether or not it is inclusive. Maintenance fees for solar power are not cheap, so it is best to choose a company that offers such services. Companies that offer a free maintenance service for a particular amount of time after installation shows that they are confident in their workmanship and products.

(7) What Are Your Payment Options?

The solar company should also be able to offer you with multiple payment options. Since it is not cheap to purchase and install solar power, other options besides a full cash layout should be made available.

In addition to that, the company should be able to sit down with you, discuss your financial situation, and present with you with a good payment option that you can work with presently and in the future.

These are just some of the questions that you should be asking your solar company before hiring them to do the job for you.

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